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Everyday's Death

by - 14:09

Sadness is a quiet killer

Loneliness is a haunted devil

Frustrated is better than to be numb

One day they will no longer be a part of me

I keep others at a safe distance

Never allow them close to hurt me

Pain has created a huge hidden forest that traps me inside

People only just saw my self all the time with a smile

They did not see this side of me.

Life have been so fucked up since 3 years lately

For some times I think there is no point to continue the life

For some times I think jump from the 30th floor, cut my wrist

Hung my self or drink some poison would bring me into the immortality

They don’t understand me

No one cares about what I’m feeling

I’m hurting each day, each hour, each minute…


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  1. wew.. serem banget sis. hm.. emamg dikau gag punya temen untuk sharing?

  2. the hurting is unbelievable feeling to trust for. moving on is a must for u. :)

  3. Kayanya harus dengerin lagu Abandon all the Suffer - Stressed Depressed Frustated

  4. @ quinie : no place for sharing sist...

    @ loopdreamer : tampak seperti itu...

    @ anastasheeka : thanks sis :)

    @ jean: i will ...