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our self to love

by - 12:15

Loving youself is not always an easy thing to do simply because we think we are not "good enough" or we don't "deserve it".  The truth is that everyone deserves a chance of happiness and love.  I know that putting your heart out there after you are hurt is not always an easy thing (I speak from experience); because all the insecurities tend to creep up and so we close up because we dont want to take a chance that might be the start of something special.  All of this to say if an opportunity presents itself don't be afraid to take a chance because you never know what might come out of it.

Life has handrils get a good grip
Life has challenages pursue them
Life has steer wheels spin around the world and see with your eyes fully focus
If u dont love urself. Then who will. Even if ur with some1. U still wont feel complete because u dont love urself. 

percaution is necessary in every relationship especially when it is new.  Love is not always an easy thing, but one must remember to open their heart if they want the chance to experience something that is a gift

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