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What's for you is for you

by - 13:23

Him  : Big girl, dont affraid to falling in love again. open your heart and your eyes. 

Her   : i'm afraid of losing...

Him  : hey, Please understand that's perfectly normal and that's one of the most annoying things about falling in love. just keep this in your mind. What’s for you is for you, and what is not for you is not for you. You don’t have to mentally wrestle this relationship into submission to keep it going. 

Her   : but...

Him : My dearest sister, There are no guarantee in life, when one door closes, belive that God opens another door for you. so dont be affraid to fall in love again my dear sister.


sebuah percakapan senja dengan Kakak  
di tengah perjalanan pulang
akhirnya aku berhasil Jatuh cinta pada penakluk hujan

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