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My Selenophile

by - 22:03


I saw you in my dreams before, you were there sitting at edge of curved window, admiring the moon. I can see your soul through your teary eyes under the moonlight.

There was a deep hollow in your heart you tried to continuously fill it with something that makes you feel better, but unfortunately it’s not enough to make you feel better.

I know your journey has been a tough and painful one. You give life, hope, insight to others, you give smile and wisdom to everyone. But most times when they get what they need, they leave. Very few stop to say thank you to you. And sometimes you feel neglected and abandoned. But still you manage it well to smile and pretend you’re okay.

my selenophile,
In moments like this
I want to sit beside you
place your hand in mine
and tell you all that I have learned about you;

I know why you love the moon, for the moon knows all your secrets, for it knows your dreams, for it knows your pain, for it knows what you hide from others, for it knows you cried every night, for it knows all your memories, for it will never leave you alone like others did.

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